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Your daily dose of cute: Boy requests surgery for his stuffed toy


Not even a visit to the hospital can separate a kid from their favourite soft toy.

Just ask 9-year-old Joshua Wade, who went into hospital for an endoscopy last week with his stuffed animal ‘Wolf’ for support.

After introducing Wolf to his doctors at the Colorado Children’s Hospital, Joshua asked whether his toy could also undergo surgery for a hole in his right leg.

Although Joshua’s parents suggested Wolf’s injury would best be treated at home, his doctor and anesthesiologist had another idea in mind. When the young patient awoke from his procedure, he found Wolf resting by his side with a surgical mask over his mouth, a bandage on his sore leg and five or six sutures.

“Joshua spent his initial moments in recovery focusing on his wolf rather than any discomfort from his procedure. Fighting back tears I thanked the doctors and nurses. It was such a sweet gesture by busy, but caring professionals and I will never forget it,” Joshua’s dad Kevin wrote in a Facebook post alongside the photo, which was then submitted to CNN’s iReport.

“That stuffed animal means the world to him, that’s his baby, and to know they thought enough of him to take care of his little baby is sweet.”

The doctor who operated on Joshua and Wolf, pediatric gastroenterologist Christine Hurtado, has “operated” on a number of stuffed animals in her time to make hospital a less scary experience for her young patients. “Being part of a children’s hospital, they really encourage us to go that little extra bit to make a difference for families and kids,” she told CNN.

A couple of days later, Joshua removed Wolf’s bandage and declared him “all better” – and you’ll be happy to hear little Joshua is doing better too.


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