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Your daily dose of cute: Sneezing animals will make your day

Even when you know they’re coming, sneezes are rather startling – even if you’re a seasoned hayfever sufferer.

Still, it can be a little embarrassing when you suddenly sneeze and jump out of your skin in shock – especially when other people are around to witness it.

Just ask this little elephant, whose Dumbo moment was not only witnessed by a group a tourists, but caught on camera… and then shared with the whole internet.

If it wasn’t so funny we’d feel sorry for him.

Can’t get enough of animals with the sniffles? Well, you’re in luck. Just in time for hayfever season we’re bringing you this sneezy compilation, which kicks off with a baby panda whose resounding ‘achoo!’ scares the living daylights out of his own mother.

You won’t know whether to laugh or… well… hey, is your nose twitching yet?

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