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What your horoscope says about your 2015.

Whether you believe in it or not…you know you want to look.

Welcome to 2015. Now that you’ve recovered from the New Year hang over (or just lack of sleep from the kids) and had enough sun. Take a look to what the future has in store for you and your family.


Perspective is important, and you’re being asked to bring your views on culture, religion, and differences into perspective. In 2015 you’ll be getting real about that course, that trip, that workshop…and your beliefs. It’s all about the big picture.

The first half of 2015 (especially after April) will give you the chance to have a little fun, find a little love, play a little game. Get creative as the second half of 2015 and the first six months of 2016 will be all about opportunities to improve your routines and your health.


Planning renovations or a change to make your home and family life more comfortable? The first half of the year is perfect for turning those plans into something more real.

Talking about reality, 2015 is about getting real on mundane matters. Serious Saturn is taking up residence in the part of your life that’s about money, security, estate planning, taxes, debt. Sounds boring, I know, but these issues need to be dealt with.

It’s not all work – the second half of 2015 will bring opportunities for fun, love, creativity and self-expression. It’s up to you how you use this.


Issues of trust and partnership will be your primary focus through 2015. Keeping your eye on the long game and opening your mind to other possibilities will bring joy in your relationships.

The second half of 2015 brings opportunities around home and family life as expansive Jupiter moves into this part of your life. This means a move, a renovation – even a change of house-mate, or a coat of paint – could be on the cards.

Take extra care at the end of January, May and September to ensure that your messages aren’t mixed.


There are opportunities to make more money in the first half of 2015. Perhaps your focus is on saving for something important? Any frustrating delays and obstacles should sort themselves out after April.  Be clear about what it is that you really want…and read the fine-print.

After August, you may find your mind stimulated in a different direction. You won’t need to stray too far from your normal routine to find this, but you will need to reserve judgement.

It’s now time to plan for the future and leave the past where it belongs – in yesterday.


In August bountiful Jupiter leaves your sign. How have you taken centre stage in the past year? If you feel as though you’re doing little more than treading water, this should clear from April.  There’s still time to make the most of the confidence and optimism that Jupiter can bring into your life – if you believe in yourself.

After August? Take this attitude into your personal finances. There’s money to be made (and saved) – as long as you know what’s important to you… and as long as you pay attention to the details.


What’s really holding you back? Fears, self-sabotage, the seemingly endless search for perfection? Be kind to yourself – you’re almost ready to re-launch.

The next couple of years will bring the focus to your home and family life. Moves may be on the cards for some Virgos, for others the focus will be on the way you organise your home and those within it. Some may just see it as an opportunity to grow some wings. It’s not decision time just yet, but a little metaphorical de-cluttering will work wonders when it is. Keep it simple.


You’ve been busily learning about what’s really important to you. There have been frustrations and challenges between old and new ways of managing the balance between work, relationships and home. It’s times like these when you truly value friends and support structures.

Over the next year you’ll be stepping back a little to work on yourself and behind the scenes a little more. It’s a finishing off, a letting go, and preparation for the re-launch of you in 2016, so make the most of it – even if it feels like no one is looking.


You’ve been sent some wake-up calls over the last couple of years. You may have felt heavy, drained and out of control in all the key areas of life- your vitality, your work, your relationships, and your home. Things should start to settle after April. If you’ve let go of the past and made the changes you’ve needed to make, the rewards and opportunities will come.

Look seriously at your health and work habits and accept that the things you least want to do in this regard are probably the things you most need to do!


Saturn has begun its once in 28 years run through your sign. This will have you thinking more seriously about image, priorities, relationships, career, home, ambition…well, everything really! Even though some of you may be feeling as though time is encroaching way too fast, you do have time on your side.

If you’ve been putting it off, book that trip, enrol in that course. After August, your busy-ness will go up a notch- and bring more opportunities at work- so explore beyond your boundaries while you can. You’ll be amazed what you learn.


You know that saying about the world being your oyster? Then there’s another one about taking a leap of faith, and yet another about how the good stuff happens outside your comfort zone? You’ll have the opportunity to ponder these- and to do more than ponder- after August.

Take care though, not to take on more responsibilities or projects than you can handle. This year (and next) is more about letting go of fear- and anything that is no longer working for you. Even if it did used to work for you. Sometimes the wheel does need re-inventing.


Aquarius loves freedom – room to move, to think. Between now and August, you’ll also be able to better understand how it’s possible to do this, to be yourself, within a partnership. Sure it will involve compromise, but committing or collaborating with another doesn’t have to mean leaving you behind.

After August, Jupiter will be moving into the part of your life that’s about shared resources, shared security, shared debt and…other people’s money. Jupiter brings abundance, but sometimes also false optimism. Take care not to borrow more than you can afford, or commit beyond your means.


If your resolution was to improve your health, your sleep, and make friends with salad, the first half of 2015 brings opportunities to succeed.

Saturn has begun its once in 28 years stroll through your career zone. Everything you’ve been working towards over the past years will become important. Ambitions that used to be dreams now have a chance of becoming real- if you’ve been working hard at them, of course.

As Jupiter begins its run through your relationship zone in August, you’ll find you have access to people who can help you with that.

What does the year have in store for you?

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