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The Motherish is Mamamia Women’s Network’s parenting site.

This is a site for women who are thinking about having a baby and women who are mothers. We bring you all the stories about what mothers are talking about at mother’s group, at the school gate, at ante-natal classes, at work and on social media.

We know all too well how all-consuming children can be, and how much it means to be able to take a break from being a mother. We know how much mother’s value those few moments of time out.

Becoming a mother is one of the most rewarding experiences in our lives and for the most part we wouldn’t change it for the world.

But being a mother is not all of who we are, either. We are still women, we still have interests and ideas. We still love taking a sneak peek into the lives of people we’re interested in and getting an insight into the lives of women who are a bit like us.

That what The Motherish is. This is a place where you can come to find stories about you, about the celebrities you’re interested in, about relationships, about the issues you care about, to find something funny and, yes, to talk about the kids when you need to.

If you have feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


MWN Content Director

Mia Freedman is the co-founder and Content Director of the Mamamia Women’s Network, Australia’s largest women’s digital media company, reaching 4 million women per month. She is an author of three books, TV and radio commentator, podcast host, mother of three and writer for MWN websites Mamamia, The Glow, The Motherish and Debrief Daily. She is the former Chair of the National Body Image Advisory Group and in 2014 she was named by the Australian Financial Review as one of Australia’s 100 Most Influential Women.



Jamila Rizvi is 29-years-old and the Editor in Chief of the Mamamia Women’s Network websites, including Mamamia, The Glow, The Motherish and Debrief Daily. She is an utterly shameless political junkie and was named in Westpac’s 100 Most Influential Women of 2015 as well as one of Cosmopolitan’s Most Successful Women Under 30. Jamila is an ambassador for Welcome to Australia and CARE Australia’s Educate a Girl campaign.



When Alys welcomed her son into the world in 2011, she simultaneously experienced great joy and huge shock. Since then she has made it her mission to remind mothers everywhere that they’re not alone and that they’re probably doing a much better job than they realise. In her spare time, she builds remarkable structures from her son’s duplo and bakes a mean chocolate cake. As well as a son, she has a daughter and is married to Ian.


Managing Editor

Avi Vince is expecting her first baby, so is asking a million and one “is that normal” questions. Most of the time she is shocked by the answer. Avi also has a husband who spoils her and two dogs she obsesses over. She has an unhealthy relationship with reality television (looking at you, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’) and is the unofficial The Motherish expert on all things Kate Middleton. The only thing Avi can’t do is cartwheels. But don’t hold that against her.



Valentina has been looking after children forever. She used to teach children’s dance classes before going on to become a primary school teacher. Despite excelling in the classroom, she is now bringing her insights about children to The Motherish. Valentina lives in Sydney and has an unhealthy love of cheesecake. She has a niece and a nephew and secretly hates that she will never be their favourite aunty. She’s has the unfortunate traits of being a massive neat freak and is unable to start something without finishing, whether it’s cleaning her bedroom or writing a story.


Site Producer

Sarah lives on the coast in Sydney, as she is obsessed with the beach. She loves travelling (it’s a small addiction) and really enjoys being in the outdoors. Sarah can’t cook but can inhale a block of chocolate before breakfast. Sarah loves kids, especially when they’re at the toddler stage. She enjoys being the awesome aunty who lets them get away with being cheeky.