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5 kid-friendly dinners: Chicken tikka masala, salmon tacos and more

Meals have falled into chaos at our house in recent months. I must be getting old – years ago I ran a weekly magazine and still put a creative dinner on the table every night. I reminisce about those days and shake my head, I have no idea how I did it.

Many a night I end up grabbing a BBQ chook or sushi for the kids because I’ve run out of time to a) shop or b) cook before the kids’ 6pm dinnertime .

But I have the best intentions this week. The fridge is full of fresh ingredients, the spirit is willing, these kid-friendly dinners look AMAZING.

Wish me luck …

Monday: Avocado sushi

avo sushi

My kids are obsessed with sushi. Making our own is surprisingly easy and my youngest loves helping out. So I’m going to skip the store-bought variety this week and DIY. The leftovers will make a great lunchbox filler for the next day.

Get the recipe here.


Tuesday: Steak with salsa verde

t bone steak

My seven-year-old is funny about steak, but if I cook it just right and cut it into little pieces it’s usually a hit. The great thing about this recipe is the kids can have their meat plain while the adults can add deliciousness with the salsa verde.

Get the recipe here.


Wednesday: Chicken tikka masala


If the curry is mild, Indian food is a hit in our household. Especially with some roti bread on the side. (And confession: I will probably cheat and use a jar of chicken tikka paste rather than mess around with all the spices.)

Get the recipe here.


Thursday: Hamburger buddy


OK, this dish has a TERRIBLE name, but without the fresh herbs sprinkled on top, my kids will gobble it up.

Get the recipe here.


Friday: Salmon tacos


How good do these babies look? Though I’ll be skipping the radish. I just don’t get radish – do you?

Get the recipe here.

Does your family have a favourite recipe? Take a snapshot next time you cook it for dinner, send us the recipe and we’ll add it to one of our galleries. Better yet, send five and we’ll give you a gallery all of your own! Send to info@ivillage.com.au.

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