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5 family-friendly dinners: cheese-stuffed meatballs, pot pies and more

I’m overseas for work this week, so I’ve charged my husband with putting food on the table, let’s see how he goes with these family-friendly recipes …

I know he’ll be tempted to just serve the lasagne that a little old lady makes out the back of our local fruit shop (mmmmmm), but it doesn’t hurt to try and steer him towards some home-cooked meal ideas.

Here’s what I’ve suggested.

Monday: Osso buco


I asked him to put this in the slow-cooker yesterday for dinner tonight. Try placing the gremolata on the table in the bowl so that people can serve themselves and fussy kids can skip it.

Get the recipe here.

Tuesday: Quick chicken pot-pies


My husband is anti-pastry – he reckons it’s junk – but there’s only a small square on top of each of these easy pies, so hopefully he’ll give in.

Get the recipe here. 

Wednesday: Cobb salad


I lived in New York briefly – when my husband got a university scholarship there – and I became obsessed with Cobb salads. So many yummy things on one plate. And it suits kids because they’re not all tossed together – they can pick out their favourite bits and the dressing can be on the side. It’s been so warm lately, I think it’s definitely salad weather!

Get the recipe here.

Thursday: Cheese-stuffed meatballs



What’s not to love about meat on a skewer with cheese inside?

Get the recipe here.

Friday: Oven-fried fish & chips

oven-fried fish

I’ll be home to cook this one myself and it’s a family favourite, except this recipe uses cereal crumbs instead of breadcrumbs.

Get the recipe here.

Does your family have a favourite recipe? Take a snapshot next time you cook it for dinner, send us the recipe and we’ll add it to one of our galleries. Better yet, send five and we’ll give you a gallery all of your own! Send to info@ivillage.com.au.

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